What I’m most Grateful For

Sadhna and Raj Vacation

Sadhna and Raj VacationI am lucky to have had a privileged life, with strong family support, endless love, direction and guidance from my wonderful parents, siblings,  Bapaji, Bhen and Chachaji, my aunt  and uncle.  I was blessed by the most loving husband, Raj, with unconditional support at every step. I am grateful each day for my son Mohit , daughter in law Payal and Avi, my grandson, my heart and soul.

Through my life, I was able to accomplish my goals within reason. I have boundless appreciation and respect for my former colleagues and peers at work. Looking back, I wish I would have shown more empathy to my patients. Learning more about who they were as a  person.

I lived a balanced full and happy life. I have been blessed with good health. All my dreams became a reality and contentment, leaving no unfulfilled wants or desires.

I am  grateful for many beautiful travel memories with Raj and friends and family, including Paris, Rome, Australia, Russia, Brazil and Scandinavia. We enjoyed feelings and moments of smiles and laughter. I detail many of our travels in my book including our trip to Scandinavia in 1970, and in 1967 the country had just changed the traffic side. (page 193)

What a breath of fresh air! We had a wonderful time sightseeing in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden. We even met a former BLI (Boston Lying In Hospital)  resident in Stockholm, and he told us how Sweden had recently changed the roads from left-side driving to right. All traffic stopped for twenty-four hours; then, the next day the switch was complete. Raj and I were amazed.

Some of my dear ones are now gone. They brought so much light into the world and into my life, even after they are gone, the light remains forever around in our hearts. They are very special to me.



My grandson Praying

I believe in prayers. As someone said, it is not a steering wheel that you pull out whenever there is trouble but it is a steering wheel that directs the right path throughout.

In our family we all pray. Even my little grandson Avi embraces prayer and is very happy joining us. I believe it is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful.  Hopefully, I will try to teach Avi,  my precious grandson, these attributes.

I was super lucky to be brought up in a family that focused on compassion, determination, ambition, and fearlessness. I am grateful for so many reasons. I live by my Bapaji’s teachings in this way. I wrote this in my book: (Page 27)

But Bapaji’s most valued quality (and one I have many memories of) was generosity. He believed in charity, in helping humanity—not for recognition but simply to make the world a better place. And he practiced what he preached. 

This Zig  Ziglar’s  quotation resonates with me:

Be strong but not rude

Be bold but not bully

Be humble but not timid

Be kind but not weak

Be proud but not arrogant

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Bapaji and Me - A Memoir of India and Beyond - Cover Art



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