Midwest Book Review of ‘Bapaji and Me’

Bapaji and Me: A Memoir of India and Beyond is a memoir of medicine and the Indian community. It documents a grandfather’s history and influence and the changes that have affected India’s relationships and regions. Sadhna Bhatia weaves the compelling saga of an exceptionally wise grandfather who instilled in her, at an early age, a […]

Grandparents and Joint Family in Indian Culture

After reading my book Bapaji and Me, my dear friend suggested I write a blog on grandparents and joint families in Indian Culture. In Indian cultures, Grandparents and Joint family are intertwined and glued together. Grandparents are the Guardian angels that give you boundless love and you can do no wrong. They are the Megamillions […]

A Tribute To My Parents

A Tribute to my Parents My mother, Chaeji, I will treasure always for all she did everyday to make my life and world a better place due to her unconditional and loving efforts. My Mom carried on her shoulders the total household responsibility with grace and patience starting at a young age and continued  forever […]

A Boston Spring and Learning from Failure

In 1970 when we returned to Boston in the spring,  it was at the height of its glory. The flowering trees and crisp, bright air were so refreshing. Yet, even with the wonderful weather and all our comforts here, we still believed India was our home, and we both were homesick for a few days. […]

Bapaji’s Generosity During the Bengal Province 1943 Famine

Bapaji’s most valued quality (and one I have many memories of) was generosity. He believed in charity, in helping humanity—not for recognition but simply to make the world a better place. And he practiced what he preached. In 1943, the Bengal Province was hit by a tidal wave, which resulted in a crippling famine. The […]

Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women Hospital Residency Anniversary

My 25th Residency alumni reunion celebration at Brigham and Women hospital Harvard Medical School. It was the summer of 1995.  I received a very formal Harvard engraved invitation for the alumni celebration for my husband Raj and myself at the new  Brigham and Women Hospital campus. It was a pleasant surprise. The program was a […]

Climbing a Mountain as a Woman Doctor of Color

Dr. Mario Ablondi with the OR crew LMH

My dream as a child was to become a doctor. This dream was fulfilled as an adult when I was admitted to the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College for women in New Delhi, India. A short introduction to LHMC History. Lady Hardinge, the wife of the then Viceroy of India, initiated the process in 1914 […]

What I’m most Grateful For

Sadhna and Raj Vacation

I am lucky to have had a privileged life, with strong family support, endless love, direction and guidance from my wonderful parents, siblings,  Bapaji, Bhen and Chachaji, my aunt  and uncle.  I was blessed by the most loving husband, Raj, with unconditional support at every step. I am grateful each day for my son Mohit […]

Volunteering at the Metro West Free Medical Program and other Volunteer Activities

My utmost desire was to go to 3rd world countries and offer my services to the needy and underprivileged after my retirement. Unfortunately due to other obligations and commitments to family life I could not accomplish my plan, But I had opportunities here in my own backyard  in Suburban Boston  that would be rewarding. I […]

Karwa Chauth and the Pink Moon

Fasting in Karwa Chauth

Festivals of India India is a Mega country with a dimension 1,997 miles N to S, and 1,822 miles E to W. Naturally there are some festivals celebrated all over the country and some are more regional. Diwali, the festival of Lights, falls in October or November and is a national Hindu festival and the […]

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